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It’s remarkable to note how well the characters in the Naruto series match with their zodiac signs, even if they don’t represent the whole individual. It’s no secret that several of the characters in the Naruto manga and anime series had birthdays that weren’t commemorated in the storylines.

Their comics and data books include bios on surfaces and even anime magazines. The zodiac signs of your favourite characters are now available to the general public, thanks to the addition of birthdates. No zodiac sign can generate the perfect character profile. Still, it is interesting to note how closely the characters in the Naruto franchise match their astrological indications.


Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi birthday: September 15th
Kakashi Zodiac Sign: September 15th

As a result of the death of his mother when he was very young, Kakashi was raised by his father, Sakumo, during his early childhood. He was born on the 15th of September. Kakashi is a very bright student, and Minato promoted him to jōnin when he was 12 years old. Later in the assignment, Rin was abducted by Kirigakure and taken away. When Kakashi was finally able to rescue her, he immediately began transporting her back to Konoha.

The Three-Tails had been trapped within Rin’s body, and she had no idea until Rin disclosed it. Rin pleaded with Kakashi to murder her, but he resisted, citing his obligation to Obito to protect her as his justification. Kakashi fell into deep despair due to his involvement in Rin’s death and his failure to fulfill Obito’s last wish by protecting her.

In such a short period, he had lost two colleagues. Kakashi was sent to the Anbu by Minato, who is now the new Hokage, in an attempt to assist him in emerging from the darkness he had fallen into following the deaths of Obito and Rin. Kakashi performed admirably in the Anbu, ultimately rising to the position of captain and team leader.

In the opinion of the Third Hokage, individuals with good hearts did not belong in the Anbu. As a result, he expressed gratitude to Kakashi for his years of service and freed him of his responsibilities. Over the years, he has been put in control of several teams comprised of Academy grads. He uses this location to teach Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura.

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With Chidori and Tailed Beast Chakra Arms, Kakashi can perform all five fundamental nature transformations. These include Yin and Yang Releases, Water and Earth Releases, Fire and Lightning Releases, and Yin and Yang Transformations.

While fighting in the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashi acquired his Sharingan from Obito Uchiha as a substitute for the left eye he’d lost soon before the conflict began.

When Rin Nohara passed away, Kakashi was given a Mangekyo Sharingan. Like a pinwheel, the pattern seems to be three triangles that wrap themselves around the pupil to form the design. In a nutshell, he is one of the most significant characters in the manga and anime series Naruto.


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Rock Lee

Rock Lee birthday: November 27
Rock Lee Zodiac Sign: Leo

During his tenure at the Academy, Lee has revealed that he lacks ninjutsu and genjutsu ability. When his peers ridiculed him as a result of this, Lee remained determined and concentrated on taijutsu.

After completing his studies, he was invited to join Team Guy, joining forces with Neji Hyuga and Tenten. The team’s first meeting ended with Lee vowing that he would become a formidable ninja without using ninjutsu or genjutsu.

Neji mocked Lee, but their sensei, Might Guy, interested the young man. He urged Lee to persevere and, over time, began teaching him strong techniques of taijutsu, which he eventually became proficient in.

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One of Lee’s Zodiac Signs is the Leo. Individuals whose birthdays fall under the sign of Sagittarius are optimistic and truth-tellers by nature.

Lee’s willingness to take on any task stems from his unwavering belief that, no matter how terrible things get, his abilities will eventually be good enough to win or that he can assist his allies in winning. Likewise, he constantly expresses himself, even though he knows that his colleagues may not agree with him on some issues.


Hinata Hyūga

Hinata birthday: December 27th
Hinata Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hinata was a nice, soft-spoken young lady who always addressed people with appropriate idiomatic expressions. She is compassionate, continually putting others’ feelings and well-being ahead of her own, and she is worried about their feelings and well-being.

She despises conflict for any reason. As a result of her excessive compassion, she has become meek or frightened in the presence of others, as she is unwilling to reply or act for fear of upsetting someone.

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Hinata is mainly motivated by Naruto Uzumaki, whom she has admired since first meeting him. He drew Hinata’s attention at first because of his friendliness and outspoken character. Then he held it because of parallels she saw between herself and him.

Hinata may not want to be the shinobi in command of her community. Still, she has plenty of ambition – and a strong sense of responsibility, which is another Capricorn quality. She is desperate to prove to her family and herself that she is capable of becoming a shinobi.


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Neji Hyūga

Neji birthday: July 3rd
Neji Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Neji was born as the son of Hizashi Hyuga, putting him in one of the Hyuga clan’s ranch homes from the beginning of his life. When Hinata, the heiress of the prominent family, reached the age of three, Neji’s forehead was branded with the usually cursed seal by his uncle, Hiashi, to protect her from harm.

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There are disagreements between Neji and his cousin Hinata; yet, Neji learns from her and understands the importance of their relationship. During the conflict, he makes the ultimate sacrifice by shielding her from an impending attack.


Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba birthday: July 7
Kiba Zodiac Sign: Cancer

When he grows upset in battle, Kiba is prone to being short-tempered and reckless, and he might make costly blunders as a result. He also takes pleasure in fighting, especially when confronted with highly formidable opponents. He has a great deal of affection for Akamaru and is prepared to go to any length to defend him from harm.

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During Naruto’s fight against Tobi, Kiba’s combat style relies on collaborative techniques with his buddy Akamaru. Still, he can also fight in perfect rhythm with his comrades, similar to what he did with Naruto during their battle versus Tobi.

Because of his keen senses and his collaboration with Akamaru, he was the only genin to discover an Anbu stand in the Chūnin Exams arena during the competition.


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Sakura Haruno

Sakura birthday: March 28th
Sakura Zodiac Sign: Aries

Sakura felt nervous and self-conscious about her broad forehead as a youngster. She covered it with her bangs to hide her insecurity. It wasn’t until she met Ino, who stood up for her against bullies and eventually became her friend, that she began to feel more secure.

At the beginning of Part I, Sakura often provides the external appearance of being kind to her superiors, mindful to her colleagues, and confident in her abilities. She has moments of shyness towards Sasuke and moments of competition around Ino, although these are rare.

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Sakura’s Zodiac Sign is Aries, according to tradition. Aries is a courageous sign, always ready to take on the challenges of life. Even though she is still a shinobi in training, Sakura is not deterred by many situations she experiences early in the series.

Likewise, she is quick to conclude and, as a result, may be violent in her responses at times. It will take time and effort for her to control her emotions, but she is a perfect match for her zodiac sign.


Ino Yamanaka

Ino birthday: September 23
Ino Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Aside from having a pale complexion and bright blue eyes, Ino also has long platinum blonde hair, which she wears in a ponytail and with bangs framing the right side of her face.

Ino often dresses in purple attire consisting of a high-collared shirt and an apron skirt that matches her hair color. She accessorizes this outfit with bandages on her tummy and legs, tiny hoop earrings, and her forehead protection, which she wears as a belt.

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For as long as she can remember, Ino has been a self-assured, fearless, and outspoken young lady with a calm disposition who occasionally lashed out at others when their habits irritated her. Ino possesses exceptional intelligence, having graduated from the Academy at the top of her class.

Her natural friendliness and loyalty to her comrades were matched only by her ability to be more driven than her teammates. She tended to seize command of her allies. Asuma remarked on Ino’s remarkable kunoichi abilities while he was a genin.


Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru birthday: September 22nd
Shikamaru Zodiac Sign: Virgo

A familiar look on Shikamaru’s face suggests he is either bored or furious. He has small brown eyes and a characteristic expression. His black hair is pulled back into a spiked ponytail and is shoulder length.

A short-sleeved grey jacket with green-edged sleeves and a crude Nara clan emblem on the back is worn over a green-lined mesh armor T-shirt, which is worn underneath. He also sports a pair of brown leggings, a pair of silver hoop earrings from his tribe, and a blue forehead protector that he wraps around his left arm for further protection.

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As a naturally lazy person, Shikamaru prefers to accomplish as little as possible to maximize his enjoyment. Shikamaru can get away with this since he is a student at the Academy and even throughout his early career as a genin.

He spends his days resting, observing the clouds, or playing games of shgi and Go. His objective is to live an unremarkable life, free of anything that stands out as particularly outstanding or unpleasant, and then die in the same way he lived.


Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke birthday: August 24th
Sasuke Zodiac Sign: Leo

Sasuke was a cheerful kid, eager to please and live up to his family’s renown. Sasuke’s relationship with Itachi, his elder brother, is one of the most important aspects of his character. Like his elder brother Itachi.

Sasuke is considered an Uchiha family prodigy and graduated from the Academy at the top of his class. In the bell test, he makes a significant impression on Kakashi Hatake. He demonstrates that he is capable of taking on even the strongest shinobi in battle.

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Solitary, disaffected, and aligned with Orochimaru: these are all characteristics that point to Sasuke as someone with the most rebellious tendencies among the shinobi of his generation’s members. He doesn’t get that as a sign.


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto birthday: October 10
Naruto Zodiac Sign: Libra

On the eve of October 10th, Naruto was conceived. There is no one to give care to him because his parents died after he was ever born.

Because he was an orphan with no family to support him, Naruto relied on the village to supply him with a monthly stipend. For much of his life, Naruto didn’t know who his parents were.

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A surrogate elder brother in the form of Iruka Umino kept Naruto in line and motivated him in the Academy. Naruto also ran across his former classmate Sasuke Uchiha, who was also alone himself and made an effort to make friends with him.

However, he developed a one-sided competition in his quest to show himself just as excellent as, if not better than, Sasuke, hoping that one day, Sasuke would recognize him as an equal and embrace him as a friend.

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