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Apple Wallet ticket sharing is becoming more like NameDrop

With iOS 17.2, you’ll be able to share passes from the Wallet app by bringing two iPhones next to each other, according to MacRumors. I haven’t tested the feature myself, but it sounds a lot like Apple’s NameDrop contact-sharing tool it introduced with the first release of iOS 17.

If you’re looking at a pass or ticket in the Wallet app and you bring your iPhone next to another running iOS 17.2, you’ll see a “share” button appear at the bottom of your screen, MacRumors says. Tap that to pass the pass over AirDrop.

Note that you can already share passes from within Wallet. When looking at a pass, you can tap the share icon at the top of the screen to see ways to send it to other people, like through Messages or the traditional AirDrop interface. This new functionality is just another way to share a pass from Wallet, and it might be the easiest option if you happen to be standing right next to the person who needs it.

The iOS 17.2 release candidate launched earlier this week, meaning that Apple will likely push the update out to everyone next week. The RC added Qi2 wireless charging support to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, and earlier betas included features like the Journal app.

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