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This Tandem Showerhead Turns Your Bathroom Into a Spa

According to my wife, the world comes with two types of people in it, “soakers” and “non-soakers.” She is the latter. Without question, I am the former. I still dream of a world in which I never need to leave the shower, living my life in a cozy, warm mist like Kramer in that one episode of Seinfeld.

One of the first things I wanted to do when my wife and I snagged our one-bathroom bungalow was upgrade the plumbing. Our water pressure, and the associated showerhead that the previous owners attached, was middling. We are lucky to have a sliding glass door so we don’t have to deal with mildewy curtains, but otherwise our shower/bath combo could be described as woefully utilitarian. When I looked at the cost of bathroom remodels and better plumbing, I settled into a series of small upgrades.

The biggest and most profound change I’ve made since my bidet-volution came one day while scrolling through Instagram. I found the Boona. This dual-headed wonder presses itself to the wall above your shower, giving you the ability to use one side, the other side, or both. It’s turned my bathroom into Water World. You can shower together with a partner—or have a partner who takes a quick shower while you’re soaking in there—and not get cold. It’s utterly glorious.

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Splish Splash

The Boona comes in a long, heavy box with everything you need to attach the showerheads and bar, right down to the plumber’s tape. The review unit sent to me came in shiny chrome, but you can also get it in multiple other colors, including a cute blue/pink combo. The only tool you’ll want is a good wrench to detach your existing showerhead with.

From there, it’s as simple as putting up the bar, hooking up the water line, and turning on the faucet. There is a valve on the faucet facing the water line that allows you to easily pick between the front and rear showerheads, or turn on both at once (my preferred method as a “soaker”).

The two showerheads on my review unit have adjustable sprayers that allow you to choose between the middle of the head and outer part of the head, which helps you pick between higher and lower pressure. I used them with the flow restrictors installed (as they are for California residents and folks in places with more water restrictions), and the heads worked more than adequately; both had better pressure than my previous showerhead.

I like how adjustable the heads are. They swivel around pretty far, which means you can treat either head as the main one, depending on which way you fancy during a given session.


Photograph: Boona

The Boona doesn’t even look that out of place in my unfancy bathroom. Especially if you get it in the shiny polished stainless steel that I got, you really won’t notice the added bar between your two showerheads.

If you’re a plumber, I know it’s not nearly as expensive as buying two showerheads and installing it the professional way. The Boona won’t increase your property value like a real upgrade would. Still, if you’re a renter, or someone who’s just not as handy, it’s a great solution that works as advertised.

I like being able to shower with my wife without freezing my butt off, and it made bathing my dog easier than ever. But to say that those are the reasons to get the Boona would be disingenuous. I got this, and love it, because I am a soaker with a standard bathroom and I wanted the comfort of two heads. If you also enjoy your shower time, I probably don’t need to explain why you want this. You just do.

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