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Google Fiber is offering early access to $250 per month 20-gig service

The new 20Gbps internet service, which comes through Google’s GFiber Labs, won’t come cheap: it’ll cost customers $250 per month. Google plans to offer the connection initially in Kansas City, North Carolina (Triangle Region), Arizona, and Iowa. The service availability coincides with last-mile infrastructure upgrades by Google that include the installation of new Nokia 25G PONs, or passive optical networks, that connect all the way to customers’ homes.

Google just made its $125 per month 5Gbps internet service available in Huntsville, Alabama, in October, following a wider (but still limited) rollout in Kansas City, West Des Moines, and the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. The company is also offering 8Gbps internet service for $150 per month in some places, which it first announced last year. Meanwhile, Google Fiber’s gigabit tier still costs the same $70 per month since it first became available in Kansas City in 2012.

Google previously advertised that 5Gbps internet could make it easier to upload or download any size file simultaneously, while 8Gbps could handle internet in “near real-time.” But when it comes to the new 20Gbps tier, Google says to expect simultaneous multi-gig connections across multiple floors with Wi-Fi 7 hardware. If you’re interested in the 20Gbps service, you can sign up for early access.

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