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Snapchat now lets subscribers share AI-generated snaps

Those who subscribe to Snapchat’s $3.99 plan can use the feature by tapping the “AI” button from the toolbar on the right side of the camera interface. This opens up a window where users can type a text prompt or choose from one of the premade options, like “a futuristic disco” or “a rocket preparing for liftoff.”

From there, Snapchat’s AI will spit out an image based on the prompt, allowing users to edit it and add a message before sending it off to friends and family on the app. Snapchat is rolling out some other AI-powered perks for subscribers as well, including a way to make the subject of a photo appear farther away from the camera by using AI to fill in the background. Users can try the feature by taking a close-up, pressing the “crop” icon in the camera interface, and selecting “extend.”

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