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Researchers create “The Consensus Game” to elevate AI’s text comprehension and generation skills | MIT News

Imagine you and a friend are playing a game where your goal is to communicate secret messages to each other using only cryptic sentences. Your friend’s job is to guess the secret message behind your sentences. Sometimes, you give clues directly, and other times, your friend has to guess the message by asking yes-or-no questions…

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AIs in India will need government permission before launching

In an advisory issued by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) last Friday, it was declared that any AI technology still in development must acquire explicit government permission before being released to the public. Developers will also only be able to deploy these technologies after labelling the potential fallibility or unreliability of the…

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AI’s impact on decision-making in marketing

In a presentation at AI & Big Data Expo Global, Jason Smith, Chief Digital Officer of Publicis Groupe, shared insights into the role of AI in reshaping decision-making processes within the realm of advertising and marketing. The focal point of Smith’s presentation was a strategic experiment conducted by his team to explore the potential of…

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