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Google launches Gemini to replace Bard chatbot

Google has launched its AI chatbot called Gemini, which replaces its short-lived Bard service. Unveiled in December, Bard was touted as a competitor to chatbots like ChatGPT but failed to impress in demos. Google staff even called the launch “botched” and slammed CEO Sundar Pichai. Now rebranded as Gemini, Google says it represents the company’s…

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OpenAI suspends developer of politician-impersonating chatbot

OpenAI has suspended the developer responsible for Dean.Bot, a ChatGPT-powered chatbot designed to impersonate Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips. The bot, created by “cloning” startup Delphi, aimed to support Phillips in his political campaign. However, this move directly contradicts OpenAI’s policies, leading to the suspension of the responsible developer. The Washington Post reported that, despite…

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My Surprisingly Unbiased Week With Elon Musk’s ‘Politically Biased’ Chatbot

Some Elon Musk enthusiasts have been alarmed to discover in recent days that Grok, his supposedly “truth-seeking” artificial intelligence was in actual fact a bit of a snowflake. Grok, built by Musk’s xAI artificial intelligence company, was made available to Premium+ X users last Friday. Musk has complained that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is afflicted with “the…

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Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Replies to Election Questions With Conspiracies, Fake Scandals, and Lies

“All of these examples pose risks for users, causing confusion about who is running, when the election is happening, and the formation of public opinion,” the researchers wrote. The report further claims that in addition to bogus information on polling numbers, election dates, candidates, and controversies, Copilot also created answers using flawed data-gathering methodologies. In…

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How to Use Google’s Gemini AI Right Now in Its Bard Chatbot

Google just launched its Gemini AI model. Want to try it out for free? A version of the model, called Gemini Pro, is available inside of the Bard chatbot right now. Also, anyone with a Pixel 8 Pro can use a version of Gemini in their AI-suggested text replies with WhatsApp now, and with Gboard…

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