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China plans to disrupt elections with AI-generated disinformation

Beijing is expected to ramp up sophisticated AI-generated disinformation campaigns to influence several high-profile elections in 2024, according to Microsoft’s threat intelligence team. Microsoft warned that state-backed Chinese cyber groups – with assistance from North Korean actors – “are likely to target” the presidential and legislative elections in countries such as the US, South Korea,…

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Great Wall of China protected from erosion by coat of lichen and moss

A section of the Great Wall of China made with rammed earth AtthameeNi/Shutterstock The Great Wall of China is being protected from erosion by a “biocrust” of moss, lichen and cyanobacteria, much as the wall once shielded the country from northern invasions. The wall, built and rebuilt many times between about 200 BC and the…

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Unusual dark hedgehog from eastern China is new to science

The new-to-science hedgehog species has darker brown fur and spines, as well as slightly larger ears, than the European hedgehog ZooKeys Scientists have identified a new species of hedgehog: a dark brown creature that dwells in the forests of eastern China. In 2018, Kai He at Guangzhou University, China, and his colleagues stumbled across some mysterious-looking…

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