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Massive Layoffs Hit Troubled Robotaxi Developer Cruise

Cruise, General Motors’ self-driving development subsidiary, will lay off almost a quarter of its workforce—about 900 employees—the company announced Thursday. The cuts are part of a broader restructuring to focus the robotaxi unit on a narrower path to commercialization. Instead of expanding its commercial robotaxi service to multiple US cities, the company will relaunch its…

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What We Know About the Massive Ledger Hack

It’s not yet known how many decentralized apps (dapps) were/are affected, or how much money has been lost. Anecdotal reports on social media suggest the exploit is widespread. Blockaid, a blockchain security firm, said upwards of $150,000 in crypto had been lost due to this unique “supply chain attack” on Ledger’s Connect Kit, which is…

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GM’s hydrogen ‘power cubes’ will be used to power massive mining trucks

General Motors announced a new partnership with Japanese construction vehicle manufacturer Komatsu to build heavy-duty mining trucks powered by the automaker’s hydrogen fuel-cell technology. The company will work with the Japanese firm to install its Hydrotec-branded “power cubes,” each containing 300 individual hydrogen fuel cells with an output of 80 kW of new power, into…

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New techniques efficiently accelerate sparse tensors for massive AI models | MIT News

Researchers from MIT and NVIDIA have developed two techniques that accelerate the processing of sparse tensors, a type of data structure that’s used for high-performance computing tasks. The complementary techniques could result in significant improvements to the performance and energy-efficiency of systems like the massive machine-learning models that drive generative artificial intelligence. Tensors are data…

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Uganda is planning a massive clean energy expansion – paid for by oil

Uganda announced a plan at COP28 to use oil revenues to fund a rapid expansion of clean energy across the east African country Source link

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