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8M UK careers at risk of ‘job apocalypse’ from AI

A report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) sheds light on the potential impact of AI on the UK job market. The study warns of an imminent ‘job apocalypse’, threatening to engulf over eight million careers across the nation, unless swift government intervention is enacted. The report identifies two key stages of generative…

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New hope for early pancreatic cancer intervention via AI-based risk prediction | MIT News

The first documented case of pancreatic cancer dates back to the 18th century. Since then, researchers have undertaken a protracted and challenging odyssey to understand the elusive and deadly disease. To date, there is no better cancer treatment than early intervention. Unfortunately, the pancreas, nestled deep within the abdomen, is particularly elusive for early detection. …

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AI trained on millions of life stories can predict risk of early death

Data covering the entire population of Denmark was used to train an AI to predict people’s life outcomes Francis Joseph Dean/Dean Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo An artificial intelligence trained on personal data covering the entire population of Denmark can predict people’s chances of dying more accurately than any existing model, even those used in…

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Basel Committee Proposes Changes to Criteria Giving Stablecoins Preferential Risk Treatment Among Crypto Assets

However, cryptos with “effective stabilization mechanisms” qualify for “preferential Group 1b regulatory treatment.” This means stablecoins can be subject to “capital requirements based on the risk weights of underlying exposures as set out in the existing Basel Framework,” instead of the tougher requirements set for bitcoin and the like. Source link

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Basel Committee Seeks to Consult on Stablecoins Risk Treatment

The initial December report separated its criteria for the treatment of crypto into two groups. Group one cryptos would meet the full set of classification conditions and would be subject to capital requirements. Group two cryptocurrencies that do not meet classification conditions, and so needs newly prescribed capital treatment. Source link

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