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Databricks claims DBRX sets ‘a new standard’ for open-source LLMs

Databricks has announced the launch of DBRX, a powerful new open-source large language model that it claims sets a new bar for open models by outperforming established options like GPT-3.5 on industry benchmarks.  The company says the 132 billion parameter DBRX model surpasses popular open-source LLMs like LLaMA 2 70B, Mixtral, and Grok-1 across language…

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Synthetic imagery sets new bar in AI training efficiency | MIT News

Data is the new soil, and in this fertile new ground, MIT researchers are planting more than just pixels. By using synthetic images to train machine learning models, a team of scientists recently surpassed results obtained from traditional “real-image” training methods.  At the core of the approach is a system called StableRep, which doesn’t just…

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Quantum computer sets record on path towards error-free calculations

A quantum computer built by researchers at Harvard and QuEra is a step towards practical devices QuEra Another quantum computing record has been broken. A team has built a quantum computer with the largest ever number of so-called logical qubits, or quantum bits. Unlike standard qubits, logical qubits are better able to carry out computations…

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