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Patchwork vaping regulation can show the way to a smoke-free world

YOU have no doubt seen someone on the street surrounded by a sweet-smelling cloud. A vaper. Globally, this is becoming an increasingly familiar sight as more and more people take up the habit. The question on everyone’s lips is, just how bad are these e-cigarettes for your health? Answers are finally emerging, as we discover…

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Vaping vs edibles: How does the way we use cannabis alter its effects?

Cannabis edibles offer a different way to consume the drug Shutterstock/Brian Goodman For people who want their cannabis without the smoke, edibles provide an increasingly popular alternative. And it isn’t just pot brownies, either. Gummies, tinctures and other products can be laced with the drug. “The availability of different types of products makes it so…

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How bad is vaping for your health? We’re finally getting answers

AS THE old joke goes, when I read about the dangers of smoking, I gave up reading. If you are a vaper, you might feel like you want to stop reading now. Don’t: you need to know this. I am a vaper. Like many others, I used to smoke and switched to vaping for health reasons….

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