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YouTube Is Now Hiding Which Channels Get a Cut of Ad Revenue

YouTube unleashed an influential generation of new internet celebrities in 2007 when it started to share ad revenue with select video creators. For the past couple of years, a snippet of code on YouTube’s website revealed which channels are part of the secretive and exclusive club. But users and activists who had come to rely…

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Ford will cut weekly production of F-150 Lightning in response to slowing demand

According to a memo viewed by the outlet, Ford told its dealers to prepare for an average production volume of 1,600 electric trucks from its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, starting next year. The company currently churns 3,200 trucks out of that factory each week. Emma Bergg, a spokesperson for Ford, declined to…

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COP28: Energy transition may cut oil-producing states’ revenue by 60%

An oil pumpjack in Venezuela Gaby Oraa/Bloomberg via Getty Images More than 20 countries dependent on oil and gas revenues could see these sources of funds cut in half by the transition to clean energy. Such an outcome could have disastrous consequences for workers and governments in these “petrostates” without international support to help manage…

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We can trigger positive tipping points to cut carbon emissions faster

The rapid growth of solar energy in recent years can be seen as a positive tipping point Henry Do/Solent News/Shutterstock There are tipping points in technological, economic, political and social systems that could lead to carbon emissions falling faster if triggered, according to a major report. The authors of the Global Tipping Points Report are…

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The spreadsheet revealing who got cut at Spotify

Well, it’s been a messy, messy week. Today, I have a look at the departure of Spotify CFO Paul Vogel, who (as first reported by Podnews) sold millions worth of stock on Tuesday. Plus, other key Spotify layoffs and the podcast download fallout of Apple’s iOS 17. In an absolutely chaotic week for Spotify, the…

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