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Nations’ plan to ‘transition’ from fossil fuels is too slow, experts say

Days of contentious wrangling in Dubai at the United Nations’ 28th annual climate summit ended December 13 with a historic agreement to “transition away” from fossil fuels and accelerate climate action over the next decade. The organization touted the agreement as a moment of global solidarity, marking “the beginning of the end” of the fossil…

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Computational model captures the elusive transition states of chemical reactions | MIT News

During a chemical reaction, molecules gain energy until they reach what’s known as the transition state — a point of no return from which the reaction must proceed. This state is so fleeting that it’s nearly impossible to observe it experimentally. The structures of these transition states can be calculated using techniques based on quantum…

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COP28: Energy transition may cut oil-producing states’ revenue by 60%

An oil pumpjack in Venezuela Gaby Oraa/Bloomberg via Getty Images More than 20 countries dependent on oil and gas revenues could see these sources of funds cut in half by the transition to clean energy. Such an outcome could have disastrous consequences for workers and governments in these “petrostates” without international support to help manage…

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