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DeepMind framework offers breakthrough in LLMs’ reasoning

A breakthrough approach in enhancing the reasoning abilities of large language models (LLMs) has been unveiled by researchers from Google DeepMind and the University of Southern California. Their new ‘SELF-DISCOVER’ prompting framework – published this week on arXiV and Hugging Face – represents a significant leap beyond existing techniques, potentially revolutionising the performance of leading…

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DeepMind AlphaGeometry solves complex geometry problems

DeepMind, the UK-based AI lab owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has developed an AI system called AlphaGeometry that can solve complex geometry problems close to human Olympiad gold medalists.  In a new paper in Nature, DeepMind revealed that AlphaGeometry was able to solve 25 out of 30 benchmark geometry problems from past International Mathematical…

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DeepMind AI with built-in fact-checker makes mathematical discoveries

DeepMind’s FunSearch AI can tackle mathematical problems alengo/Getty Images Google DeepMind claims to have made the first ever scientific discovery with an AI chatbot by building a fact-checker to filter out useless outputs, leaving only reliable solutions to mathematical or computing problems. Previous DeepMind achievements, such as using AI to predict the weather or protein…

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