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Best documentaries 2023: 12 science documentaries from Netflix, BBC, Apple and more

Michael J. Fox in Still, his documentary about living with Parkinson’s disease Wild Isles (BBC iPlayer) This big-budget series from David Attenborough and the BBC Studios Natural History Unit takes a closer look at the flora and fauna of the UK and Ireland. Warring capercaillie and the sex lives of ash-black slugs are two highlights….

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How to easily find the GTA trilogy (and other games) on Netflix

Netflix just released its biggest games yet. The Grand Theft Auto trilogy — which includes GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas — is now available on both iOS and Android, and the games are all free to play if you’re already a Netflix subscriber. But while the streaming service has offered mobile games for…

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Netflix reveals how many hours we spent watching The Night Agent and Queen Charlotte

Netflix is going to start publishing a new report twice a year that details the most popular shows and movies on the platform. The first report, released today, details the most-watched content from January to June 2023, and it’s perhaps the best look yet at how much people are actually watching Netflix’s gargantuan library of…

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Netflix is back, after an outage knocked many people offline for a few hours

People worldwide have reported trouble connecting to Netflix and a strange “tvq-pb-101” error message starting at around 5PM ET until the issue was resolved at around 8PM ET. Given the service’s global availability and massive subscriber base, small outages are common, but what we saw on Monday evening is different. Here at The Verge, among…

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