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Arbitrum (ARB) Blockchain Hit by ‘Partial Outage’ Due to Traffic Surge

Arbitrum’s sequencer stalled “during a significant surge in network traffic,” according to posts across the network’s social media on Friday. “We are working to resolve as quickly as possible and will provide a post-mortem as soon as possible,” read a post on Arbitrum’s status webpage. Source link

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X outage breaks all outgoing links, again

As if publishers and users didn’t have enough reasons to reconsider their connections to the platform formerly known as Twitter, all outgoing links from X are currently broken. A problem with the URL redirect that captures activity before sending users on their way is currently leading people to a simple error page saying, “This page…

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Netflix is back, after an outage knocked many people offline for a few hours

People worldwide have reported trouble connecting to Netflix and a strange “tvq-pb-101” error message starting at around 5PM ET until the issue was resolved at around 8PM ET. Given the service’s global availability and massive subscriber base, small outages are common, but what we saw on Monday evening is different. Here at The Verge, among…

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Reddit has ‘restored services’ after major outage

Reddit says it has “restored services” after a major outage that, depending on the situation, stopped posts and comments from loading. I had observed a few different issues. When logged out, I couldn’t see any posts or comments at all; I would just get an error message or a blank page under the Reddit search…

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