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Telcos to spend $20B on AI network orchestration by 2028

Telecom companies are expected to increase their spending on AI for automating network management to $20 billion by 2028, a new report from Juniper Research found. This would represent a 240 percent rise from estimated spending levels in 2024 of $6 billion. The researchers predict the investment growth will be necessary as telcos expand 5G…

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Complex, unfamiliar sentences make the brain’s language network work harder | MIT News

With help from an artificial language network, MIT neuroscientists have discovered what kind of sentences are most likely to fire up the brain’s key language processing centers. The new study reveals that sentences that are more complex, either because of unusual grammar or unexpected meaning, generate stronger responses in these language processing centers. Sentences that…

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RWA Protocol Ondo Finance Expands Tokenized Treasury Offerings to the Solana (SOL) Network and DeFi Apps

“The Solana DeFi ecosystem has demonstrated great resilience and growth potential, thanks to its innovative scaling and low transaction costs,” Nathan Allman, founder and CEO of Ondo Finance, said in a statement. “Integrating Ondo’s offerings with Solana not only aligns with our strategic growth but also paves the way for novel decentralized finance applications leveraging…

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Bitcoin Cools After 65% Rally; WOO Network Predicts BTC Price to Hit $75K in Early 2024

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap recovered to $43,000 after Monday’s 10% flash crash to $40,000 that flushed overenthusiastic leveraged bets on higher prices. A dovish Federal Reserve projecting rate cuts and the falling U.S. dollar bolstered the recovery, but lost steam by Friday and BTC slipped back to $41,500. Source link

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Cronos, Partner of, to Start Layer 2 Network With Matter Labs

“The Cronos zkEVM testnet represents an opportunity for Cronos Labs and our partners, including VVS, Fulcrom and Veno, to experiment with ZK layer 2 technology in order to prepare the next phase of growth starting in 2024,” Ken Timsit, managing director of Cronos Labs, said in a press release seen by CoinDesk. Source link

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