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Cronos, Partner of, to Start Layer 2 Network With Matter Labs

“The Cronos zkEVM testnet represents an opportunity for Cronos Labs and our partners, including VVS, Fulcrom and Veno, to experiment with ZK layer 2 technology in order to prepare the next phase of growth starting in 2024,” Ken Timsit, managing director of Cronos Labs, said in a press release seen by CoinDesk. Source link

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A telescope dropped dark matter data from the edge of space. Here’s why

Doomsday came on May 25 for the payload of a pumpkin-shaped balloon at the edge of space. The floating gourd — inflated with more than 500,000 cubic meters of helium and large enough to fit 60 Goodyear blimps inside it — traversed the southern hemisphere some five times in 40 days, toting a telescope that…

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COP28: Why are fossil fuel talks held up and why does it matter?

COP28 president Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber leading a plenary session Sean Gallup/Getty Images Hopes of a strong stance from COP28 president Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber on phasing out the production and use of fossil fuels have been dashed at the climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A draft agreement on the world’s approach to…

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COP28: Why a climate adaptation deal is a ‘matter of life or death’

Collins Nzovu, Zambia’s minister of green economy and environment, speaking at COP28 Dominika Zarzycka/NurPhoto/Shutterstock The countries most vulnerable to climate change say the world must do far more to help them adapt to rising temperatures and extreme weather, even as it races to slash greenhouse gas emissions, in what has emerged as a key issue…

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Axions: The wonder particles that could solve more than just dark matter

IN 1977, physicist Frank Wilczek took a walk that would change the course of particle physics forever. “On that walk, I had the germs of two really good ideas,” he recalls. The first was how a theoretical particle, later dubbed the Higgs boson, might interact with other particles. This would be how the Higgs was…

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Largest stream of stars ever found could teach us about dark matter

The black streak is the newly discovered Giant Coma Stream, which is ten times as long as the Milky Way William Herschel Telescope/Román et al. Astronomers have found the biggest stream of stars ever recorded. This tendril of stars is extraordinarily faint, but it and others like it could eventually help us unveil the true…

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