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Putting AI into the hands of people with problems to solve | MIT News

As Media Lab students in 2010, Karthik Dinakar SM ’12, PhD ’17 and Birago Jones SM ’12 teamed up for a class project to build a tool that would help content moderation teams at companies like Twitter (now X) and YouTube. The project generated a huge amount of excitement, and the researchers were invited to…

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Technique could efficiently solve partial differential equations for numerous applications | MIT News

In fields such as physics and engineering, partial differential equations (PDEs) are used to model complex physical processes to generate insight into how some of the most complicated physical and natural systems in the world function. To solve these difficult equations, researchers use high-fidelity numerical solvers, which can be very time-consuming and computationally expensive to…

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Google wants to solve tricky physics problems with quantum computers

Quantum computers could become more useful now researchers at Google have designed an algorithm that can translate complex physical problems into the language of quantum physics Source link

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Tesla must update over 2 million cars to solve Autopilot safety issue

Tesla is pushing software updates to over 2 million vehicles in the US — or almost every Model S, Y, X, and 3 ever sold in the country — to address a defect in the company’s Autopilot system. On Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a recall notice for the vehicles following…

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Axions: The wonder particles that could solve more than just dark matter

IN 1977, physicist Frank Wilczek took a walk that would change the course of particle physics forever. “On that walk, I had the germs of two really good ideas,” he recalls. The first was how a theoretical particle, later dubbed the Higgs boson, might interact with other particles. This would be how the Higgs was…

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