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Six MIT students selected as spring 2024 MIT-Pillar AI Collective Fellows | MIT News

The MIT-Pillar AI Collective has announced six fellows for the spring 2024 semester. With support from the program, the graduate students, who are in their final year of a master’s or PhD program, will conduct research in the areas of AI, machine learning, and data science with the aim of commercializing their innovations. Launched by…

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Moons around Uranus may suddenly develop atmospheres in the spring

Uranus’s moon Miranda NASA/JPL/USGS The moons of Uranus may have short-lived atmospheres every time the seasons change. The seasons there are so intense that these tenuous atmospheres, called exospheres, could exist briefly twice every Uranian year before freezing and falling back down to the surface. Uranus’s poles are extremely tilted with respect to the planet’s…

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