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UK and US sign pact to develop AI safety tests

The UK and US have signed a landmark agreement to collaborate on developing rigorous testing for advanced AI systems, representing a major step forward in ensuring their safe deployments. The Memorandum of Understanding – signed Monday by UK Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo – establishes a partnership to align the…

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Moons around Uranus may suddenly develop atmospheres in the spring

Uranus’s moon Miranda NASA/JPL/USGS The moons of Uranus may have short-lived atmospheres every time the seasons change. The seasons there are so intense that these tenuous atmospheres, called exospheres, could exist briefly twice every Uranian year before freezing and falling back down to the surface. Uranus’s poles are extremely tilted with respect to the planet’s…

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Locusts spun in a centrifuge develop extra-strong exoskeletons

Locust with a backpack that helped apply mechanical stress to the exoskeleton Jan-Henning Dirks When the gravity acting on them is increased, locusts adapt. Locusts placed in a centrifuge to mimic the conditions of hypergravity grew tougher legs than those living normally – but not all of them survived the process. Many biological materials, such…

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MIT engineers develop a way to determine how the surfaces of materials behave | MIT News

Designing new compounds or alloys whose surfaces can be used as catalysts in chemical reactions can be a complex process relying heavily on the intuition of experienced chemists. A team of researchers at MIT has devised a new approach using machine learning that removes the need for intuition and provides more detailed information than conventional…

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